Gateway Pregnancy Outreach Workers help 4000 women


Gateway Family Services Pregnancy Outreach Worker

In areas of Birmingham where babies are at high risk, our outreach workers are making a real difference. The sooner a pregnant woman is seen by health professionals the better – but there are many reasons why they don’t make that vital first appointment.  Travel problems, anxiety about dealing with doctors, childcare arrangements, and language issues are just some of the reasons they given – but they’re reasons our outreach workers can help with.

POWs primarily support pregnant women with a low medical risk and high social risk. Our POWs have real life experience of issues that can affect these women because they have a real good understanding of their local communities – that’s where we recruit them from and their experience is more important than any qualifications.

They’ve been offering home-based, practical support – and sometimes they just listen, but their work improves the life chances of newborn babies.