Gestational Diabetes and Behaviour Change

Catherine was supporting a client who was referred for gestational diabetes.  The client knew that she had to change her lifestyle and was good about exercising but lack of money meant that she couldn’t have the best diet.  This was her first baby.

The client’s husband was self employed but was not getting any work.  They were not claiming benefits because they did not know what if anything they were entitled to.  Friends were helping them out with money and food but it wasn’t enough.  Not having any money meant that Catherine had to liaise with the landlord on her behalf because he was going to evict them due to rent arrears.

The client would speak to Catherine weekly about how she was progressing with her diet and exercise and Catherine thinks that it was almost motivational for her to have someone to tell about her progress.

She had been the victim of domestic violence in her previous marriage.  Catherine said that the client felt empowered because she had come out the other side a much stronger woman.  When she started to get benefits, with Catherine’s support, she insisted that they were paid into her bank account and not her husband’s.

She went on to deliver a healthy baby.


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