Getting people ready to work

Finding a job at the moment is tough for a lot of people, tougher still if you have few qualifications or are lacking experience in the world of  work so we understand that many people need help to overcome the barriers and fears that they may have in stepping into the unknown.

Shamana joined one of our Employability Courses this year when she was struggling to find work. Initially overwhelmed by the thought of going back to training, especially as she thought she was a bit older than the average learner,  Shamana tells us how she was made to feel comfortable in her course while being offered the support and guidance to help herself become more ready for work and confident in her own abilities at the same time.

We currently have more courses running that can help you develop your work readiness, CV or even just your confidence. They are free to join and normally in your local area.

If you are aged 24 and under and would like to know more about our courses then please contact Chelsea Gaffey on or phone on 0121 456 7820