Helping people change their behaviour

Sometimes, just having the motivation and desire to lose weight is the biggest barrier to overcome for most people who are considering getting in shape or getting healthier. The routine and desire to ‘stick with it’ can seem too much hassle, especially for people with busy lives and families.

Our Health Trainers know this all too well but are trying to get people to realise that with just a few minor tweeks to their lifestyle, their whole health and wellbeing can be transformed. With that added bit of motivation and support, people are able to work towards their goals at a pace that suits them and that they feel comfortable with.

Simon, who had been wanting to get back in shape was one of those people who needed the boost and confidence to change his lifestyle, not just for him but for his whole family. After meeting his Health Trainer Sean, Simon realised that he was able to work towards getting more healthy slowly and in a way that he wanted to wit, with massive results., for him and for his wife and kids.

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    saw a glimpse of this couple a few weeks ago at their pre-wedding photo session in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Well they tied the knot at Birmingham Register office this week

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