Don’t give up you can do it!

Sometimes it just feels like everything going against you. When you feel this way remember you’re not alone and there are always people that can help.

 This is exactly the way that Mandy was feeling when she joined the key worker service.

 Having to leave her job due to pregnancy as it was agency work, three years had flown by with busy mum taking care of baby’s needs! Now with baby firmly or not so firmly on his own feet , Mandy wanted to get herself back to work so she could make a better future for her young family.

 We met up regularly to do the usual stuff like making a CV and looking/applying for jobs but Mandy was finding it hard to stay focussed and often appeared to be down and upset.

 Eventually she confided that she had been experiencing Domestic Abuse, her partner was being a right pain in the … Controlling what she wore, where she went and calling her a bad mother for wanting to make a future for herself.

Mandy didn’t want to leave him as he was her baby’s dad and she loved him so I just gave her the details of a shelter and people to call if she changed her mind.

The situation got worse and worse and Mandy was showing up with bruises.  Then one day he just overstepped that mark and beat her up in front of the kids. Enough was enough! Mandy called the police!

However what followed was a right ordeal with her having to meet social services and attend loads of meetings while he just seemed to be getting away with everything.

I continued to help in any way I could and re-assured her that she could get through this. She carried on applying for jobs and found this took her mind off her other problems

It was a hard time for Mandy but as she was a great Mum social services soon backed off and with support within two months Mandy received great news. She’d got herself a job! Two weeks after that she moved into a new flat and now she’s really happy in her new home and with her new life.

So don’t give up and if you need help just ask J ( Names have been changed to protect identity)