The Morgans – a Birmingham family who’ve lost so much weight they’re a person lighter.

A few months ago we wrote about motivation – how important that can be for leading a healthy lifestyle.

It was partly inspired by something Simon Morgan had said about how he managed to lose a lot of weight.  Recently I sat down again with Simon and  his wife Tracey because their whole family has made fantastic progress – in fact they’ve shed so much fat it would be enough to make up and whole extra member of the family.

In the video above they talk about how they’ve got on.

Tracey started with our Lighten Up service telephone support – which gave her access to a 12 free weeks at Slimming World.  She described herself as “lethargic” when we started.  She’d put on weight when she stopped smoking.  Now Tracey has lost 3 stone, their son nearly 2 and a half stone and their daughter half a stone.  Simon has lost nearly 4 stone and become much more active.

That’s nearly 10 stone between them.

Because of the weight loss Simon has been able to have an operation and says he also has the fitness and motivation to start a window cleaning round.

It’s wonderful for us to help people make such great progress.