Join us on Saturday for family fitness and fun in Birmingham

The Gateway Health Trainers work with people all year round to improve their health and well-being.  Working on various goals like stopping smoking, increasing physical activity, eating better.  Last week the news was full of how important physical activity is to a long life   This Saturday our Health Trainers and many of their clients are running and walking 5k for many of them this is a journey they never believed they would make and their achievements are huge.

Everyone is welcome to join us at Cannon Hill Park on Saturday 28th July at 9.45am  for a group pic and set off at 10.00am 


  1. Joan Senior says:

    I would like to join in Saturday mornings. I walked on the 28th with Rosemary Conleys group. I cant do the next two Saturdays 4th and 11th August as I am already committed to a Childrens Saturday Special and a Book Sale to raise funds for our new Nursery School at New Life Baptist Church, Kings Heath.
    Joan Senior

  2. Vicki Fitzgerald says:

    HI Joan, thanks for that, hope you enjoyed it and well done! The Health Trainer service will be in touch with you, so that you can keep running.

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