Community Volunteers wanted in Birmingham

We are excited to tell everyone about our new volunteer programme which kicks off in September.  Volunteers will be working in their local communities helping people connect with each other.  We know that people often feel isolated and our new programme is hoping to bring communities together.  So….   what do you need to do to become a volunteer?  You need a bit of spare time, a sunny, outgoing disposition and an interest in helping people.  What will you get?  An opportunity to meet other, like minded people, gain some new skills and experience and have fun!

Whats next?  Simply contact Chelsea Gaffey on either or 0121 456 7820.

Still, not sure?  How about listening to one of our current volunteers…


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  1. Linda Hindle says:

    Great to hear that GFS are developing befriending services. If this service will reach older people, it would be wonderful to also use this as an opportunity to keep an eye on whether recipients are eating well e.g. check if people need any help with shopping or cooking as 93% of people at risk of malnutrition live in their own homes.

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