Lighten Up Goes City Wide

We’ve been providing the Lighten Up service on behalf of Birmingham Public Health for the past 18 months. It’s been a real success and so far we’ve worked with more than 1800 people.

The service is all about helping people lose weight and this is done by offering the opportunity to attend 12 free weight loss classes. In many cases people find this to be a good way of kick starting their weight loss. Research on Lighten Up shows that on average people achieve a 5% weight loss and better still the weight stays off as it also shows this is still the case 12 months later.

The great news is that Lighten Up is now available across the city, so as long as the person meets the criteria, which is measured on BMI, they can be referred in. They then get contacted by one of our friendly call centre staff and it goes from there.

We recently organised a 5k Fun Run and lots of the people who took part were current or past Lighten Up clients, so hear what they’ve got to say about it…

Referrals to the scheme currently come through GP’s or other health professionals but people can contact us direct but we will need to confirm their BMI with their surgery.