Weightloss helps manage long-term condition and improves general well-being

Valerie was referred to us because she was unemployed and struggling to find work because of her disability. She had chronic back pain and was taking regular painkilling medication to manager her condition.

She was finding it hard to think about anything but her back pain and looking for work seemed a distant dream.

She was also overweight which was contributing to the problem.  Her Physio suggested that she may get on well with a Health Trainer, so she was referred.  Now eight months on, after lots of hard work and dedication from both Valerie and her Health Trainer Sean she’s almost two stone lighter.  Better still the pain has gone and there’s no need for all those tablets!

Sean puts her weight loss down to a number of things.  He helped her focus on making changes to her diet.  For example she never ate fruit, but now she’s eating a piece of fruit instead of an unhealthy snack.  She’s also taken advantage of the Lighten Up programme and has accessed 12 weeks of free group sessions.

We have never seen a more delighted client – It is worth watching the long version (3 and half minutes of infectious happiness)

Valerie longer version