Diabetes and blood pressure improved by our Health Trainer here in Birmingham

Managing Type 2 Diabetes is closely linked with managing lifestyle.  Helping people to lose weight and become active in Birmingham is one of the ways the Health Trainer service works with patients.  It can’t be achieved overnight, but with commitment and support patients can live happy and active lives, even with a long term condition.   Here Joy tells us how she has worked with Kieran Mckenzie on of our Health Trainers.

We are so impressed with Joy and Keiran (our Health Trainer)  who have worked so hard and have made such a difference. Over 12 weeks Joy has lost an amazing two and a half stone and has the lowest blood pressure she has ever had.


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  1. Justine Ennis says:

    This makes me want to get my own Health Trainer. The fact that she lost over two stones within twelve weeks is inspiring. I only want to lose a stone and this makes me feel like it is really achievable. Look out for my referral/

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