Lighten Up helps Patricia to get new knees

In November last year, Patricia Barratt was advised that she needed knee replacements. However, she couldn’t be considered for surgery because of her weight.

So Patricia’s GP referred her to Gateway.

Health Trainer Usman Ahmed met Patricia and together they found that her BMI was at the top end of the “overweight” category. Usman passed her on to the Lighten Up service, who provided her with 12 weeks worth of vouchers, and Patricia started at Weight Watchers in mid-November 2011.

A year on and, with continued help and encouragement from Eleanor Hanna at Gateway’s Lighten Up call centre, Patricia is much happier. She’s lost three stone – and this week, she finally had her pre-op.

In the video below, Patricia explains how Lighten Up and Weight Watchers helped her to make little changes to make a big difference.

Lighten Up is a free service. It’s open to anyone aged 16+ with a BMI of 30 or over who lives in Birmingham or is registered with a Birmingham GP. On average, clients who complete the programme reduce their weight by 5% and – more importantly – keep the weight off.

To find out more, speak to your GP, or contact Gateway on 0121 456 7820 and ask for Lighten Up.