POWs preventing Pre Natal Infections

Pre Natal Infection is one of the major causes of infant mortality.  Our Pregnancy Outreach Worker Service (POWs) works hard to reduce infant mortality here in Birmingham, so today, the first day of  Pre Natal Infection Prevention month seems the ideal time to explain what we do to help.

If women miss their ante natal appointments they and their babies are at more significant risk.  We see that part of our role is to get this message across but then it’s about taking practical steps to make sure they get there.  Many of the women we work with have missed appointments, in fact this is one of the reasons midwives refer people to us as they know we can be relied upon to tackle this issue.  We understand why what appears to be a routine thing can be a problem for some women.  Recognising the issues helps us put in place practical steps as Shazia one of our POWs explains:

Over the past 6 months we have supported 150 of the women we work with to attend their ante natal appointments, whether that be by helping them get them booked in, ringing them the day before to remind them,  explaining in advance what they can expect,  or accompanying them to give them some morale support (even  giving them a lift if they’re stuck for transport).