Linda’s a Lighten Up champion!

Gateway took over running the Lighten Up service 18 months ago and in that time we’ve seen hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds in weight.  The most successful to date has been Linda Bartlett.

Over her 12 months with the service, Linda reduced her BMI from 43.4 to 26.68 and lost an amazing eight stone – and, thanks to the kick start from Lighten Up, has continued to keep up the good work since then.

So how did she do it?

Linda had managed to lose some weight on her own, but was finding it hard work. So when she heard she could go to a slimming group for free for 12 weeks, she decided to give it a go. She says, “I thought ‘if it doesn’t work, I won’t have lost out on anything'”.

In the first 12 weeks, she lost two stone. With continued support from the Lighten Up service for the following 12 months, she lost a further six stone.

Crucially, Linda lost weight in a regular, consistent way. Her average weight loss in the first six months was just over two pounds a week – which is a very healthy rate and gives her the best chance of keeping the weight off.

Linda’s Key Stats

Day 1: 19 stone / BMI 43.42
At 12 month maintenance call: 11.10 stone / BMI 26.68

Since leaving the Lighten Up programme in June 2012, Linda’s lost a further stone and is now at the weight she wants to be. Altogether, counting the weight lost before, during and after her time with Lighten Up, she’s managed to lose a whopping 11 stone. As she says herself, that’s “a whole person!”

Linda has continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle and, in this video, Linda explains how the continued support she received, and the lifestyle changes she’s made, have helped her to keep the weight off.

Lighten Up is a free service. It’s open to anyone aged 16+ with a BMI of 30 or over who lives in Birmingham or is registered with a Birmingham GP. On average, clients who complete the programme reduce their weight by 5% and – more importantly – keep the weight off.

To find out more, speak to your GP, or contact Gateway on 0121 456 7820 and ask for Lighten Up.

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  1. Paul Hanna says:

    What an inspirational story – losing weight is such a tough thing to achieve, but the benefits are amazing. Positive support is crucial to help someone keep the faith through it all and it is clear the Lighten Up is helping people in Birmingham stick to their plans. Keep it going guys!

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