Men’s Health Week: focusing on health and work

Men's Health WeekNational Men’s Health Week runs from the 9th to 15th June 2014.

Led by the Men’s Health Forum, this year’s Men’s Health Week is focusing on health and work.

Better health = more energy, confidence, happiness!

At Gateway, we know that health and work go hand in hand.

Taking on better eating habits and doing more exercise doesn’t just help you to get in shape. Being fitter gives you more energy, which in turn gives you more confidence. And having more energy and more confidence makes you happier and more motivated in all areas of life… including work!

Here’s an example from Health Trainer client Paul, talking about his weight loss and the impact it’s had on his life:

I feel much better – I’ve got more energy. Life is exciting again!

You might also remember Ben, who gained loads more confidence after gaining weight. During his time with a Health Trainer, he went from unemployment to starting a part-time job.

Making the change

We often find that coming to see a Health Trainer or joining the Lighten Up service is part of a wider raft of lifestyle changes. This statement, from Health Trainer client Jamie, is typical:

I want to be more healthy ’cause it’s affecting my life. I want to eat right and exercise and get back to work.

Our Health Trainer clients often find that improving one aspect of their health kickstarts a chain reaction of healthier, happier lifestyle changes.

Just under a third of our Health Trainer clients are unemployed but, even if you’re employed, better physical and mental health can help you at work. Have a listen to Michael talking about the difference his improved health has made to his life:

The Men’s Health Forum has produced several resources that support Men’s Health Week with information about health and work, including a selection of Male Health guides, written specifically for men:

You can find out more about National Men’s Health Week on the Men’s Health Forum website.

And if, like Michael, you want to start making some positive changes, why not start with our Fun Run in July? It’s never too late to get moving!