Dragons for a day

dragonsOn Wednesday, the Making Health Work team became Dragons for the day!

The Making Health Work project is funded by the Big Lottery and delivered by Gateway in partnership with the Foyer Federation. It’s all about helping young people spread healthy messages, and linking this to employability. So part of what we’re doing is making small grants available to enable groups to deliver Health Action Projects.

One of the groups we’ve been working with, to develop and run a community Health Action Project, is from the Street League Academy, an alternative education programme for 16-25 year olds who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). As part of this, we asked them to pitch to our panel of “Dragons” to receive funding.

The participants are learning a range of skills to help them with employability – skills such as team work, communication, research and planning. For the Health Action Project planning, they split into two teams, assigned each team member an official role, and undertook research to develop their ideas, which are all around healthy eating and sport for young children.

dream-teamThen, on Wednesday, the two teams – the Dream Team and Get Active – presented their ideas to our panel of “Dragons” to see whose idea will be funded and taken forward. You can see how they got on in the video below!

Nithee Kotecha, Birmingham Operations Manager at Street League, said, “the Health Action Project integrates really well with our curriculum. It reinforces the employability training and introduces a budgeting element, which we haven’t had before.

“Working with Gateway has been really good because it all links together so well. And the Dragons Den idea is great because it’s an interesting way to give feedback, which they really appreciate.”

Members of both the Dream Team and Get Active expressed their enthusiasm for the project and the skills they’re learning. Tere’ Pavy-Robson said, “I feel like it’s very productive. Working in teams, and the added element of competition – it’s helped us to gain confidence. We’re making the most of each other’s strengths.”

Michael Taffe said, “it’s been great for our presentation skills. In fact, I wish I could do it all over again – I had loads more ideas! I’m looking forward to working with the other team to make the project a success.” Michael, who is already lining up a potential career coaching mentally disabled children, continued, “this course has been really good for me. It’s set me on a path.”