Christmas hamper time is here again

B4_gZTBIEAAuFBqThis week was “hamper-packing week” at our food bank (which we’ve had to move into the boardroom due to the number of generous donations!)

This is the third year the Pregnancy Outreach Workers Service has asked for extra donations at Christmas, to make into Christmas hampers and give some of our most deprived families something to open up on Christmas morning. Besides food and essential toiletries, we have also been able to pack some toys, clothes and little treats for the whole family.

Donations this year have come from members of the public (including some former service users) over the last couple of months, as well as Gateway staff and board members. Thank you to everyone who got involved.

In November we wrote how a little help can make a big difference throughout the year – how a food parcel and a small sum of money from our hardship fund can be a lifeline when things go wrong.

Christmas and new year can be a particularly hard time for families and pregnant women who are already struggling financially, as postal delays and holiday closures make things just that little bit more frustrating – sometimes frightening.

The video below shows some of our POWs explaining who they’ve chosen to make a hamper for this year, and why. (And make sure you listen to the end to hear Muhrnaz, who was the first person to receive her hamper yesterday morning – she’s about to give birth, but she’s having a really tough time at the moment.)

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  1. Vicki Fitzgerald says:

    These simple acts of kindness make so much difference. The staff at Gateway set this up, it started out of their own pockets and it has grown from them. The situations people find themselves in are unimaginable to most and while the contents of the hampers are so helpful, the thought that goes into them touches the recipients more than you could ever know.
    Well done Gateway Family Services – you really make a difference, the lady at the end says it all. – It’s also worth knowing that Gateway collects food donations all year round

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