Reducing risk: the Gateway Pre-Diabetes Course

The results are starting to come in from the first people to complete our Pre-Diabetes Course – and we’re hearing some brilliant success stories.

The most important results are the HbA1c levels, which signify whether a person is classed as being at risk of diabetes. A reading of under 42 mmol/mol is normal, but a reading of between 42 and 47 is classed as “pre-diabetic”.

We’re very pleased to see that 66% of the clients who’ve sent in results so far have reduced their HbA1c levels since starting the course nine months ago, to a point where they are no longer at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. This is tremendous news and a great indication of the hard work that everyone has been putting in.

A further 15% have reduced their HbA1c levels, but are currently still classed as “pre-diabetic”; that is, they are still at risk of becoming diabetic. However, everyone who’s been on the course is now armed with important information about the preventative action they can take, including healthy eating, physical activity, food preparation, and managing portion sizes.

The lifestyle changes made by our course attendees also means that many of them have lost weight. An amazing 71% of attendees for whom we have results have lost weight since starting the course. Of these, 14% are no longer “obese” and 17% are no longer “overweight”. One person has lost a spectacular 16kg (that’s more than two and a half stone!)

Roger’s Story

One course attendee who is definitely seeing the benefits of a healthier lifestyle is Roger Taft. Roger came to us in December with an HbA1c reading of 46, which put him at the top end of the “pre-diabetes” category. Roger had already made some changes on his own before being referred to Gateway – he’d started cutting down on snacks and had started riding a bike – but the course helped him to focus on the lifestyle changes that would reduce his diabetes risk.

You can hear Roger’s story in his own words, and find out just how much his life has changed, in the video below.

Gateway’s Pre-Diabetes Course is commissioned by Birmingham South Central CCG, which is a Demonstrator site for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme. The course is for people who have been referred by their doctor because they are at risk of becoming diabetic. It runs for nine months and is designed to get people thinking about diet and exercise, and making lifestyle changes that will help them to become healthier.

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  1. Ann Forletta says:

    Well done Roger! Reducing your HbA1c to normal levels is a brilliant achievement and an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work.

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