Your data and you

Like most organisations, we’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy to make sure it’s aligned with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You can read Gateway’s updated policy here.

Of course, in all honesty, we’re not really expecting you to read the Privacy Policy of every single site you go to.

But we did want to point out that ours has changed, and to take the opportunity to say that we think the new regulations are a really good thing. At Gateway, we are all for transparency and clarity, ease of use, and most importantly, putting people first. And that’s what GDPR is all about.

From today, your data — that is, information about yourself that organisations like Gateway may hold — explicitly and legally belongs to you. If you use a service that we provide, or if we pass you on to another organisation for them to support you, we may “borrow” some information about you to do that, but we can’t have it. Your data is yours.

As our friends over at Inside Outcomes said on Twitter this morning, “You have gained a right. This is a good thing.”

We hope that, like us, you’re taking the opportunity to have a bit of a data clean-up — to notice and re-evaluate who holds information about you and how they might use it.

The Gateway email newsletter

You might also have spent the last few weeks unsubscribing or resubscribing to email newsletters. But did you know Gateway sends out a short newsletter every couple of weeks or so? It usually contains a link to a recent blog post, or information about our latest work, with a note from our CEO, Katherine, or our Operations Manager Jo. If you would like to receive it too, drop us a line at