Quit smoking this Stoptober

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your health.

When you stop, you give your lungs the chance to repair and you’ll be able to breathe easier. There are lots of other benefits too – and they start almost immediately.

It’s never too late to quit, so join in this Stoptober. Let’s do this!

Visit the NHS website and download the app

Everything you need to start your quit journey is on the NHS Quit Smoking website, including the link to download the Stoptober app.

Stoptober is a 28-day stop smoking challenge. The app allows you to:

  • track your progress
  • see how much you’re saving
  • get daily support

If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re five times more likely to quit for good!

Find your local Stop Smoking service

You are also three times more likely to quit when you get support from a Stop Smoking service, so ask your GP or local pharmacy what’s available locally. A Stop Smoking adviser will be able to give you access to ‘stop smoking’ medications and tell you what strategies and products will work best for you.

In Solihull, the Stop Smoking service is provided by the Solihull Lifestyle Service. Our NCSCT certified Stop Smoking Practitioners will work one-to-one with people to help them through Stoptober and beyond. They’ll provide information and access to medications, as well as advice, support and encouragement during regular phone consultations and text messages.

If you live in Solihull or have a Solihull GP, speak to your GP or call 0800 599 9880 to refer yourself to the Solihull Stop Smoking Service. You can also refer yourself using the Solihull Lifestyle Service referral form.

Resources for Solihull GPs

If you represent a Solihull GP practice and you’d like to promote Stoptober at your surgery, the following co-branded Stoptober / Solihull Lifestyle Service resources are available:

A4 poster for online use (JPG)
A4 poster for print use (PDF)
Digital screen (JPG)