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Birmingham and Solihull MNVP

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Have you accessed any maternity services or support in Birmingham or Solihull in the last three years?

We would love to hear about your experiences.

Birmingham and Solihull Maternity Voices Partnership are a group of parents working together with midwives, doctors, health visitors and commissioners to coproduce improvements to local antenatal and postnatal maternity care.

We meet regularly online and in person, and do outreach work across the city by attending antenatal clinics, community groups and other events.

Come and join us or complete this survey to tell us about the support that you have received or how you feel services in the area can be improved.

The feedback you provide will be shared anonymously (without anything that says who you are) with the Local Maternity and Neonatal System and wider health providers if that is appropriate to your experience. There is also an Annual Report produced to monitor and track recurring themes, as well as ongoing monthly engagement reports. We aim to help improve how these services support people in the future.

Any extracts from what you say that are quoted in written work will be anonymous. You can find further information about Gateway Family Services (the hosts of the MVP) Data Protection, by visiting: All electronic and paper copies will be stored safely and securely by Gateway Family Services.

Meet the team

Brianna Dymond

Birmingham & Solihull LMNS Link Lead

Hi, I’m Brianna and I’m a disabled parent of 3, all born at home under Birmingham Women’s Hospital. My most recent baby was just 2 years ago so I experienced “normal” and “pandemic” care.

I have been volunteering and working to improve maternity and neonatal services in communities for the last 8 years, and truly believe that nothing for or about us should happen without us. I am passionate about making sure that the voices of women, birthing people and their families are heard at every level of developing, delivering and evaluating care.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the work of the MNVP – amplifying the voices of historically under-served groups, co-production, and being a point of contact for those who want to get involved with improving maternity services.

I’m Katy, a mom of 5 from North Solihull. I am the Lead for North Birmingham. It is my pleasure to listen to the voices of parents’ experiences of maternity services and feedback on your experiences in maternity systems. Our voices can contribute to change where needed, but also give positive messages to our maternity teams when the care received has been good for them. Our voices can make a difference.

Katy Rainey-Hemus

North Birmingham Lead

Sardia Mascud

East Birmingham Lead

I’m a mom of four with different maternity experiences. I’m really looking forward to connecting with the community and hearing from other service users about their own encounters with maternity services, whether they are positive or negative. I’m also excited about co-producing with service providers to bring about positive changes in maternity services. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of mothers and birthing families.

Staring at a hospital mural after news of an emergency c-section, I questioned why these events unfolded without my voice. Just two years later, driven by this and motherhood, I joined MNVP.

As a mother of two, each born with different experiences – including one during the 2020 pandemic – I offer a diverse perspective on maternity care. This positions me well as MNVP Chair for Birmingham and Solihull. With a passion for community engagement, I’ve held roles amplifying voices.

I aim to aid women with diverse birth experiences, offering insight, empathy, and an attentive ear. My advocacy spans informed birth choices, antenatal freedom, HBAC/VBAC, postnatal mental health, and equity in maternity care.

As MNVP Chair, my goal is enhancing birthing experiences for all. I’ll address disparities, learning and connecting with the community to ensure voices are heard and valued as a catalyst for change.

Sophiella Taylor

South Birmingham Lead

Almas Maan

West Birmingham Lead

Hello, I’m Almas Maan, one of the newly appointed Lead for the Birmingham & Solihull MNVP. I’d like to share a bit about the journey that’s led me here.

I left a 15-year banking career for purpose and fulfilment five years ago. In August 2022, I became a certified integrative therapeutic counsellor, passionate about women’s emotional wellbeing.

And just like you, I’m a mum — to three beautiful children who never cease to surprise me. Each pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal experience was distinct, presenting its own set of challenges. But I’m always open to share the joy, the struggles, and the life lessons these experiences brought me.

As MNVP Chair, I advocate for diverse voices, making maternity care inclusive. I envision active involvement in care improvement and safe spaces for sharing.

I’m honoured to elevate maternity care alongside you. Join me on this exciting journey.



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Saturday – December 24, 2023

4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.


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Saturday – December 24, 2023

4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.


Curabitur arcu erat, accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem. Nulla quis lorem ut libero malesuada feugiat.

Saturday – December 24, 2023

4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.


Curabitur arcu erat, accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem. Nulla quis lorem ut libero malesuada feugiat.

Saturday – December 24, 2023

4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.