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Our Impact

We want to share with you an overview of our work and its impact on the community.

Only by measuring the effectiveness of our activities can we be sure we’re making a positive difference, and therefore, we’re reassured to see the numbers, but we’re more proud of the people that sit behind them – every single one is a client, a family or a community group (asset) that is making changes and reaching their own goals.

Download Our Impact Report Here

Discover the profound impact we’ve made together! Our Impact Reports are now available for download, offering an insightful look into the positive changes we’ve brought about through our dedicated efforts. These comprehensive reports showcase our achievements, milestones, and the transformative outcomes we’ve achieved in our mission. We invite you to explore the pages of our Impact Reports to see the difference we’re making in the community. Download the reports that resonate with you and delve into the details of our initiatives.


in numbers


Number of people supported in the year**


Average Overall Happiness Level*



Hours of support to families and clients in need


New community assets mapped across Edgbaston


Lifestyle checks completed

*These figures are based on calculations using data from our impact assessment app, which directly solicits feedback from our clients.
** including referrals.