Award Winners 2014

At our Annual Gala 2014 we celebrated our partners, staff and clients who’ve achieved great things over the last financial year, 2013/14.

Partnership Awards

BCC Pupil Connection
The award from our Pregnancy Outreach Worker Service (POWS) is going to Birmingham City Council Pupil Connect, who have broadened the reach of the Teen POW service by linking us to pregnant young women who are in the school system

Drake Hall Prison
Employment Access Skills and Training (EAST) are presenting their Partnership award to the National Offender Management Service, Drake Hall Women’s Prison, for introducing interpreting as a skill for offenders to develop, to their prisoners pre- and post-release.

Birmingham South Central CCG
Health Trainers are presenting a Partnership award to Birmingham South Central CCG, for the work they’ve done together on reinvigorating the Personal Health Forum (Long Term Conditions Group)

Birmingham University
Lighten Up has nominated Birmingham University, with whom we have been collaborating to identify new and more effective ways to help people lose weight

Achievement Awards

These awards, which recognise the achievements of the people we’ve worked with, are probably the most important awards of the evening. It was a difficult task, as most of the 9000+ people we’ve worked with over the last twelve months have achieved something; a personal goal or a change to their lifestyle or behaviour. However, we asked the people who know best – our staff – to pick out the people who are most memorable to them; those who have achieved something out of the ordinary or who have overcome a particularly high hurdle.

Pregnancy Outreach Workers Service

The nominations from POWs always make powerful reading. The women nominated were struggling with a range of issues, which is why they needed the help of a POW. There were issues in terms of seeking refuge and getting used to life in a new country; the need to find a suitable place to live rather than a hostel; being separated from family and friends; dealing with significant financial hardship. The common thread for all these women was their strength, resilience and ability to retain their sense of humour through tough times and their overriding commitment to getting to the best point they could in time for the arrival of their baby.

Olatomi Akeeb
Christina Ryan
Fiyori Moges
Anisa Parvaz
Belgin Quick
Cheraj Douglas
Nartarlia Tokarska
Sabrina Hussain
Socon Brown
Zoe Baker

Health Trainer Service

This group of winners have made significant lifestyle changes. One person no longer uses their mobility scooter as they’re so much more able to move around. Another has made significant changes to their diet and levels of physical activity despite suffering from a debilitating condition and they’ve even written a book about their experiences. Then there’s someone who made changes to their own diet and now they’ve been helping others to do the same. Collectively, the five Health Trainer winners have lost almost ten stone.

Sharon Bagshaw
Richard Brotherton
Thomas Kelly
Amanda Holifield
Stephen Burfitt

Lighten Up Service

Lighten Up is all about weight loss and over the past year our Lighten Up call centre staff have supported their clients to lose 2390 stone. If you need a visual image of that, it’s the same weight as a double decker bus with 45 passengers on it!

The three Lighten Up winners have lost exceptional amounts of weight but they’ve also shown real dedication to doing so, and they’ve done it in the best way: steadily. They all began their weight loss journeys at the start of this year but since then they’ve collectively lost nine stone – a whole person!

Elaine Maxwell
Emma Whitle
Gail Hall

Making a Positive Social Impact Awards

One of Gateway’s core values is to make a positive social impact with everything we do. So these awards are nominated by staff for their colleagues who they feel have made a particularly positive social impact, on them, the organisation or their clients over the last 12 months, by going above and beyond their job role. We are pleased to say that this year we received a record number of nominations.

Bob Teagle (Lighten Up)
Bob was nominated for his adaptability and the way he has embraced major change in his work over the last 12 months. Bob took on the challenge of moving to a totally new way of working with enthusiasm and good humour and has even taken on responsibility for training new staff which he does with a similar level of enthusiasm and patience.

Glenn Rodgers (Health Trainers)
Glenn isn’t just a great Health Trainer; she is an asset to Gateway as an organisation, working enthusiastically and willingly across services and departments. She recognises the need to focus attention on those who are more difficult to engage and is prepared to put herself out to do this – for example at our recent Fun Run, she encouraged a client to attend who had additional needs and required her constant attention. Glenn remained with him throughout the duration of the walk, supporting him to complete and enjoy the day.

Maxine Brown (Core Team)
Recently promoted to Office Manager, Maxine has been cited as a ‘key person’ in the office who is helpful, friendly and good fun. Maxine has been integral to some great changes to the Gateway office, not least our recent ‘big move’ and the moves within our admin team which she has managed with great humour, even when things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as one would hope!

Sarah Jane Greening (Training to Care)
Sarah is quite a new addition to the Gateway team having started late in 2013 as part of our Training to Care contract. Despite being very nervous at interview and never having worked in a care setting before, Sarah has shown a real passion for the role. She has had no sickness or unplanned time off during her placement within an NHS bedded unit; she has worked hard to complete all course work and the feedback from her placement is extremely positive. A real advocate for Gateway!

Shahrukh Ahmed(Lighten Up)
Another fairly new addition to Gateway, Shah started with us last year as an apprentice on our Lighten Up team and recently successfully applied for a full time post within the same team. Shah has been nominated by 3 of his colleagues from both the Lighten Up and Health Trainer teams, citing his adaptability, positive attitude, enthusiasm for taking on new tasks and his willingness to learn as reasons for his nomination. Suffice to say Shah has proved a real asset and it’s hard to believe he’s been here for less than a year.

Michelle Bluck (EAST)
From one of our newest staff members to one of our longest serving, Michelle has been nominated by two colleagues for her support to staff from all departments, her commitment to Gateway and her ability and willingness to promote the company to all she meets. Michelle has recently moved departments after working on POWS since she started at Gateway. She has embraced this change, dealing with new (and often complex!) situations calmly and positively, proving a key member of the EAST department.

Colette Cadby, Miriam Sultana, and Sarah Samersinghe (POWS)
Three of our POWs were seconded earlier this year to work on the Temporary Accommodation Service, after we were asked to support it by Birmingham City Council. The work has involved working with families across Birmingham, a large proportion of whom had complex support needs. Their managers at the council have been super impressed with the quality of their work, calling them an ‘exceptional resource who have helped over 120 families since January’.

Learners’ Awards

Everyone who received a qualification with Gateway in the last 12 months also received a learner’s award.

  • The Volunteers and Health Ambassadors achieved Employability and Personal Development level 1 and some also completed Youth at Risk training
  • Training to Care trainees achieved Diplomas in Health and Social Care level 2
  • Interpreters finished their course in Community Interpreting. To date 25 people have completed the course and it means we can now cover 19 languages.
Volunteers/Health Ambassadors

Hayley Chapman
Caroline Dickson
Stephen Farrell
Nadeema Kusar
Sharon Smith-McHugo
Graham Williams
Bobby Bradstock
Caroline Bramley
Josh Mellor
Daniel Bentley

Trainees for Training to Care

Brenda Carlo
Lynne Hemming
Tina Barclay
Sarah Greening
Nitesh Patel
Sasha Gaye Warren
Patrick Gibbs
Judith Randrasana
Yvonne Swain
Liana Larter
Georgina Morgan
Sharon Brydson
Charlotte Keen


Ahmar Iqbal
Viet Cuong Pham
Diana Muresan
Olga Kalinkina
Esmaeil Zamani Alavijeh
Rabia Begum