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Enhancing Wellbeing for Carers: Gateway Family Services’ Latest Initiative 

5th December 2023

Caring for a loved one is a deeply rewarding but often a demanding responsibility that requires significant time and energy. Recognising the crucial role of carers and the importance of taking time for their own health and wellbeing, Gateway Family Services, in collaboration with Birmingham Forward Carers, is proud to introduce a new service aimed at prioritising the health of unpaid carers in Birmingham. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of this initiative, highlighting the significance of preventative measures and early intervention in addressing health concerns among carers. 

Prevention and Early Intervention 

Gateway Family Services understands that preventing health issues and intervening early are vital components in supporting long-term health improvements. The Carers Lifestyle Check is designed to identify potential health concerns at an early stage, enabling carers to make sustainable lifestyle changes. This initiative seeks to empower carers to address health issues proactively by focusing on prevention and early intervention. 

Comprehensive Health Metrics Review

The Carers Lifestyle Check offers a dedicated one-to-one session for carers to review key health metrics. This includes an assessment of Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure and screening for Atrial Fibrillation—a heart condition characterised by irregular heartbeats. These metrics are crucial indicators of overall health and can serve as early warning signs for potential health challenges. 

Expert Guidance and Support 

Carers undergoing the Lifestyle Check will benefit from the expertise of a Carers Lifestyle Advisor. This professional will not only analyse the health metrics but also provide personalised advice, information, and relevant referrals. The goal is to equip carers with the necessary knowledge and support to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Collaborative Partnerships

Gateway Family Services has formed strategic partnerships with Birmingham Forward Carers, Carers Hub, and the Social Prescribing Service to ensure that carers receive comprehensive support. These collaborations enable seamless access to information, advice, and referrals tailored to individual carers’ unique health needs. The collaboration between these organisations aims to create a holistic support network for carers in both their health and caregiving roles. 

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