Gateway Interpreters

There are over 200 different languages spoken in Birmingham, so many of our client visits require interpreters. That’s why, in 2013, we set up our own community interpreting agency.

A recent cohort of new interpreters during their training
Gateway Interpreters are specifically recruited to cover languages that our own services have identified a need for, as well as other languages that are being spoken in Birmingham at the moment.

All have been fully trained as Community Interpreters – that means that, as well as having excellent language skills, they are trained to be confidential and impartial, and to understand some of the more sensitive issues that may come up in community work.

We are keen to work with other organisations who might need access to interpreters and we’re especially interested to hear from organisations who are working with hard-to-reach communities in Birmingham.

As a CIC, our profits are directly invested back into our work and services. The interpreters we’ve taken on tell us they like the fact that the agency cut of the money they’re generating goes into serving the community and not into someone’s pocket.

If you’re in need of an interpreter at a competitive price we can help. Give Gateway’s Interpreting Agency a call on 0121 456 7820.

“Gateway’s interpreting service has extremely useful to us, in helping us to communicate effectively with clients despite the language barriers. Booking has always been efficient, prompt and straightforward. The interpreters are professional, friendly and have always delivered an excellent service. Thank you so much.” — Natalie Clarke, WAITS