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Having an impact every day: Health Trainers

27th September 2013

A few people have told us how much they enjoyed reading last week’s blog post, where we went through the Podnosh Impact Assessment App and gave you an insight into one day’s work for our Pregnancy Outreach Workers (POWs).

So we thought we’d do the same for our Health Trainers this week.

Health Trainers 2013

Most of the Health Trainer clients do not reach crisis point like the POW clients do, but they do tackle the important issues to prevent a crisis in the future.

Health Trainers help identify the lifestyle changes that are needed and then give support, encouragement, motivation and practical help that people need to keep up the good work into the future.

We picked another day at random to give you a flavour of our Health Trainers’ work: Wednesday 25th September. Amazingly, these are only just over half the total entries from that one day.


Mike has just started working with a Health Trainer to try and manage his diet a bit better. His Health Trainer has helped him to identify where to make changes.

I would like to lose a bit of weight and I need to look at my diet as well. I work long shifts so I tend to skip meals and snack on all the wrong things

Lisa is one of our younger clients. She originally went to her doctor because she felt exhausted all the time and feels that losing weight would help her to sleep better.

You have helped me by comparing calories between the snacks I am currently eating and healthier snacks. It’s good to know that instead of having to give everything up I can just swap them for healthier lower fat options

Linda is another new client.

My doctor referred me to you because I am prone to high blood pressure. I know I’m overweight so I’m hoping you can help me to lose some. I’m retired now so I’m not very active

Lee gave a happiness rating of 100% alongside this statement:

The information has been helpful and having someone there to give me the inspiration to do it has helped and I have lost weight

Alice  is in the over 75 age group. It can be hard to lose weight if your mobility levels are low, but there are ways around it:

You have helped today by explaining about the seated exercise classes which I feel will be beneficial in aiding me to become active. And also I have completed my 12 weeks at slimming world where I have lost a total of 9 .5 lbs and hoping to lose another 4 pound with the help of your service.

At his first appointment three months ago, Peter said he wanted to get down to 14 stone. He’s well on his way to that – on Wednesday, he said:

You have helped me get down past that 15st, I feel that I have done alright and it’s been a steady loss

Sarah has just joined the service after the birth of her son.

My son is 4 months old now, want help to lose weight, I came into the service as I had to lose weight to have a baby. I feel like I am ready to lose more now, been advised today to do a diary sheet, I have to eat more fruit vegetables to start with, and do a food diary.

Like many people, Carly worries that she will put on weight if she stops smoking. Her Health Trainer will be there to support her with both her smoking cessation and her weight management.

I need to stop smoking and i dont want to put any weight on so i would like some help.

John suffers from back pain. He’s started working with a Health Trainer because he was told by his nurse that losing weight will help with the pain.

You have listened to me and answered my questions about things that i was unsure with. I know i am doing the right things now.

This is Adrian’s first statement on the app but he has some clear goals in mind already.

Need to lose weight.need to start with alcohol i think i binge drink

Peter originally came to the Health Trainer service to find out what changes he should be making to his diet and what physical activity he could access for free.

I have lost 1stone in weight through your support and help. I would not have have joined the Gym or gone to the pool without your encouragement.

Annette finds it really helpful to have someone that she’s regularly accountable to:

It’s good to have someone to talk too and for the support

Jane just needs to carry on doing what she’s doing

You have told me I am doing the right thing and have encouraged me to continue.

Mother of three Rachel has been losing weight… and gaining confidence

Since joining weight watchers my confidence as improved meet some nice people here, I have lost weight bonus so far I lost 17 pounds.advised to do more exersice, given some really good ideas today thank you.

Gillian, who’s retired, is another new client. We’re sure her Health Trainer will be able to help – but perhaps not literally!

To get more active really I need a good kick up the arse.


Our Health Trainers saw 27 people that day. 14 talked about weight, 6 about exercise, 3 about support, 2 about alcohol and 2 about smoking.

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