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20th September 2013

Pregnancy Outreach Workers

Every day our Pregnancy Outreach Workers (POWs) are supporting women who need additional help as they prepare for the arrival of their baby.  The reasons that they need support are far reaching but, whatever the issue, the POW is ultimately there to implement a plan of action that reduces the risks.

Every day, at the end of every appointment, the POW asks “How have I helped you?” and the answer is entered on our Podnosh Impact Assessment App.  We write down exactly what she tells us – in her own words.

What do they tell us? We’ve chosen an average day: Wednesday 18th September.


Eva is expecting twins, and has had problems with benefits:

 We talked about what to expect at the maternity induction.  I had read bad reviews about the hospital and was stressing.  We also talked about what I need to do to register the births, when I need to inform them and how this will affect child benefit and tax credits”.

Sumatra doesn’t really know anyone in Birmingham:

 “Today you’ve brought me info about the Children’s Centre.  It’s not far.  I feel like I can go out now!”

Kalinkos was in a hostel but she’s finally moved into a flat:

“You helped me complete the child benefit form and we had a chat about the birth. We spoke more about breast feeding and how I would express milk”.

Jubada is stressed about her older child at school :

“I thought about what you said about breast feeding and I would like to try” -you explained to me about the school letter, my brother in law might be able to come to interpret but if not you said you would come.”

Amira is living in overcrowded accomodation,  She’s also developed diabetes:

“today you came and we spoke about how important it is to inject myself daily.  I told you I have now received my housing pin as you arranged and we went through the online bidding process.  Also I told you the problem with the rats had not improved and you rang the council again and pest control are coming out tomorrow.”

Zahira is single parent, in rented accomodation:

” I am stressed by benefits have not come through, I made a claim but not heard, you phoned them and informed me that my benefits have come through now”

Nazreen has had her baby,  is unemployed and financially struggling:

“You talked about her skin and told us not to use bubble bath, and you talked about my CV and ESA”

Julie is in hospital waiting to be induced:

“having a c-section today or tomorrow.  I am bit stressed with social service, but you reassured me and explained what I need for baby and what I need to do after baby is born”

Jordan has just moved into a flat and her housing benefit has been delayed:

“you help me complete the child benefit form, we had a chat about the birth,  you spoke about breastfeeding and how to express the milk”

Parveen is new to Birmingham:

“learning to speak English, I am 26 wks pregnant, you come with me and my husband to sort out papers, I need more proof and documents”

Fareeda is bidding for a house:

“I was upset because of my financial difficulties, but when I spoke to you I felt released, Called job centre, filled in Healthy Start vouchers and brought me a food parcel from the Gateway food bank”

These are just half of the entries for Wednesday;  in total 12 visits were supporting with benefits, 5 related to housing, 6 women talked about  stress and anxiety and 4 food parcels from our food bank  were given out.

They will do it all again tomorrow.

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