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Health Trainers having a real impact

28th March 2013

Most people who use the Health Trainer service want to lose weight – but their stories are very different. That’s why the support we offer has to be different for every person.

One of the ways we make sure that we tailor our services to each person is by gathering information on our new Impact Assessment App. Rather than writing up a report after an appointment, the App allows us to record the client directly, during the visit, in their words. It records text, video, audio and images.
This means that each time we see a client, we can record how they’re actually feeling – it’s a direct record of a person’s wellbeing. We even ask people to give us a “happiness score” out of 100 during every visit.

And the App allows us to record their journey from beginning to end. After a few appointments, we can sit down with a client and look back with them to see how far they’ve come.

So here are a few examples of the variety of help that the Health Trainers give – in the words of their clients.


Eighteen year old Thomas came into the service in late Nov 2012 with a BMI of 50.

Four months later he said:

This is my 5th appointment with my health trainer today. So far I have lost 2 stone 10 pounds. I feel really good about my weight loss; as a young man I was embarrassed about my weight, and I’m not now. I wished I had met my health trainer last year. How I’ve lost the weight is by eating breakfast and lunch and an evening meal every day, and eating fruit and vegetables. The correct amount is crucial. I am looking forward to meeting people now, I go shopping, and I’m enjoying life more. Thank you for everything. You have been great.


Aston, aged 52, was referred by his GP at Karis Medical Centre at the beginning of March. He needed support with healthy eating as he eats very little during the day but then eats a lot in the evening, which is bad for him as a diabetic. One of the first things Joy his health trainer asked him to do was keep a food diary for a couple of weeks.

Completing the food diaries has helped me to see where I can start to make changes. I’ve decided to make a start with eating breakfast and looking at the menu options you gave me.


Nyachin is a 17 year old student who lives in Edgbaston. She wanted to lose weight so she would feel more confident and be able to wear trendy clothes. She began working with her Health Trainer just before Christmas. She’s now just had her fourth appointment and says:

Your advice has helped to keep me motivated and to think about what I am eating. You have given me more information and support to help me continue with the changes I have been making.

Her happiness score has increased from 65% to 100% in three months.


Fifty eight year old Derek was referred into the service in October 2012. At the time, he said:

Over the years my weight has kept going up and up. I was buying larger tops, now I’m wearing size XXL. I’m at my heaviest ever at 29 stone. Wayne [the Health Trainer] is advising me on healthy eating, portion sizes and doing moderate exercise. I feel really crap at the moment – Wayne you’ve got your work cut out as I’m hard to motivate!

In March 2013 he said,

I’m a driving instructor with major weight problems; my car seat was pushed that far back no one could sit in the back. After six months of being with my health trainer I feel so much better. My car seat has moved forward and my pupils are asking me my secret to losing weight! My health trainer has changed my life. I’ve still a long way to go but I’m doing it. I’ve lost weight before but put it all back on, and more besides. I now eat three meals, have fruit every day, drink water and eat no rubbish. Cakes, crisps, McDonalds have all gone! I have lost four stone so far.


When 35 year old Rhiannon from Ladywood started working with her Health Trainer in January, she said:

I’ve tried many times to lose weight, so I’m really glad you can support me because I know I can’t do it on my own.

Two months on, she said:

I’ve lost over 2 stones with your help and I’m really happy. You made me feel good about the two stone I have lost so far – and to concentrate on this and not the 2lbs I’ve gained.


Clare, from Longbridge, is 25 and came into the Health Trainer service with her husband.

In February, Clare said:

I have no confidence at all.

Three months later, her Health Trainer took this video:

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