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3rd August 2012

This the group of young learners who did employability and personal development with us.

I have just spent the last two weeks delivering a training course to 16 and 17 year old people.  The course was Employability and Personal Development and though it was tiring it was a couple of the most rewarding two weeks that I have had in a long time.

Young people receive bad press all the time.  People view them as lazy or trouble causers.  This group of young people were neither of those.  Some days they were hard work but other days we had such good fun together.  They were never rude or disrespectful to me or to the other members of the group.  They supported each other to get through the course and gave each other advice. At the start of the two weeks some learners were quiet and found it difficult to join in by the end of the two weeks I could hardly get a word in edgeways and that is exactly what I wanted.  Whilst it wasn’t a long course I know that they got loads out of it and have definitely increased their confidence.

These young people had ambitions and aspirations, one wanted to be a doctor, another a dentist.  Most of them knew exactly what they need to do in order to reach their goals.  They had great personalities, they were funny, kind, considerate and were even concerned that I had not eaten any lunch and they were fasting at the time!

One of the learners was already getting support from one of our key workers.  The key worker told him about an apprenticeship opportunity and gave him some interview support.  This included doing a mock interview and going through likely questions.  The learner went for an interview and got the job.  He’s the one in the suit.

Good luck to them all.

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    Hi gateway family services
    I did my community family worker level 3 course last year,now my next target is to do pregnancy outreach worker course and start volunteering at my nearest children centre which golden hillock children centre small Heath,I would like to know full information about this course,when and where is staring ,please contact me as soon as possible

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      Hi Jaweria

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