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Losing 5 stone? That’ll be the Health Trainers

10th February 2012

Health Trainer Paul Clarke’s client, Jenny*, was referred into the Health Trainer Service as she wanted to lose a bit of weight and also was very keen on learning more about healthy eating.

Sitting down and discussing her lifestyle, Jenny was easily able to identify the reasons behind her problems in losing weight. She also explained that she had managed to quit smoking with the help of Call to Quit, and identified that the constant support and weekly monitoring really assisted in her achievement her goal of quitting. Jenny said that she was able to give up smoking because of all the support she had.

Jenny and Paul decided that weekly monitoring would really help with weight loss.  Paul explained to Jenny about the Lighten Up programme which would help her to receive the support she required with losing weight.

Paul encouraged her to attend a trial session at Weight Watchers to make sure she enjoyed the programme. Paul and Jenny were both happy with the programme and indeed Jenny had lost 4lbs in the first session!

Following on from this, Jenny had lost a further 9lbs, taking her weight loss  to 13lbs. Although she was happy that she was losing weight and had almost lost a stone to this point, and had set herself a target of losing a total of 55lbs – with the support of Paul and Lighten Up

Over the next 10 weeks Jenny lost   40lbs  – Which was AMAZING!! Her BMI had also decreased in this time from 31 to 24

Although the progress Jenny made was excellent, she was still determined to lose the final 6lbs to reach her target weightloss of 60lbs. Within 3 weeks of her final appointment she contacted Paul to confirm the good news that she had lost the final 6lbs she had hoped for.

In total, Jenny lost 68lbs, or an equivalent of 4 stone and 12 pounds and has vowed to keep strict on her lifestyle choices and is enjoying the time being able to be more active with her daughter.

A great example of working together, well done, Jenny Paul and the Lighten Up team.

*names changed to protect identity

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