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“Measuring Outcomes – Producing Evidence – Demonstrating Impact” Event

10th April 2013

We are running an event this month to share some of the exciting work we have been doing using technology to measure our impact. This has led to the development of some new and inspiring tools that help social enteprises and commissioners understand the needs of the local population.

Date: 24th April 2013
Place: Leeds Church Institute, LS1 6DG, Leeds
Time : 9.30am- 1.00pm
Cost: FREE

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As the gap between the rich and the poor grows wider, and as cuts to public services threaten to reduce the support available for our most vulnerable families, we have to target services where they are most effective.

Gateway Family Services are a Community Interest Company who have been providing family support services for many years. Like most organisations, we know the changes that people can make if they have the right support.

Recently we have been working with The Department of Health via The Social Investment Business to investigate how to replicate good projects that achieve real change for vulnerable families. A significant part of that work has been spent looking at how we measure outcomes, produce evidence and demonstrate the impact of our work.

In doing so we hope to help:

  • commissioners to understand what works and what the outcomes are from the services they commission, and
  • providers to receive feedback from people who use their services, to create evidence of the value of their work

We have been working with digital technology developers to create some new and exciting tools that:

  • Capture how organisations are supporting people
  • Listen to, and analyse  people’s experiences
  • Align with multiple outcome frameworks

Our event will be an opportunity to hear about this work and to have an early look at the tools being developed.

Speakers include:

  • Vicki Fitzgerald – Chief Executive – Gateway Family Services
  • Stephanie Futter-Orel – General Manager – Latin American Women’s Aid
  • Sarah Cowling – Chief Executive – HealthWORKS Newcastle
  • Simon Whitehouse – Digital Developer

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