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New maternity suites at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital

20th March 2012

Always keen to be up to date on what is going on in their local area, 2 of Gateway’s Pregnancy Outreach Workers accompanied their clients to have a look around at the new facilities for mums at the Women’s Hospital in Birmingham to see what mothers-to-be can expect during a very special time in their lives.


The Birthing Room













Complete with gas and air, there is also a private bathroom and kitchen area for mothers to enjoy in privacy. Mums also have access to exercise equipment to help them remain healthy ready for their labour.

There is also a seperate quiet area for when things get too much!


The Birthing Pool


And for mothers who have decided to take the water birth option, there are new birthing pools, complete with sensory lighting to make the whole experience a little less intimidating.

The atmosphere, described by our pregnant moms as less sterile and more homely, means that women have more chance of feeling relaxed and prepared, ready for their big day .

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