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Countdown to July 19th – time to get off the couch!

23rd May 2014

Joy-gets-us-moving-2013-cropIt’s that time of year again! We’re very pleased to announce that this year’s Gateway Family Services Fun Run will take place on 19th July 2014 at Cannon Hill Park.

The fun run takes place on a Saturday morning and everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a seasoned runner – the idea is just to get out and get moving!

If you don’t normally run or take part in events like this, we think it’s the ideal way to start.

From today until the Fun Run in July, you’ve got just over eight weeks – so why not start with small steps and join a local walking or running group, or begin the Couch to 5K plan? By July you’ll be in pole position at the starting line!

Jamie runningOn the day, you’ll be invited to warm up with our Health Trainers before following the route of the Cannon Hill Parkrun, which is 5K. If you’d rather walk it, that’s fine – the important thing is just to get involved.

If you’re interested in taking part, give us a call on 0121 456 7820 or email to register your interest.  We’re also thinking of setting up a couple of informal training groups, maybe one for walkers and runners?  So if you’re interested in getting a bit of practice in before the big day let us know.

Why is running good for you?

There are a lot of benefits to running – or even walking – regularly. You might already be aware of the physical health benefits: it can help with weight control and will improve the health of your lungs and heart. It can help to reduce the risk of things like stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

But did you know it’s also good for your mental health? As the Mental Health Foundation explains:

Experts believe that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.

We believe that walking and running with other people in a group activity is particularly good for you. In a group you can support and motivate each other and enjoy a shared sense of achievement.

Couch to 5K

Getting setIf you haven’t done anything like this before, have a look at the Couch to 5K plan developed by the NHS.

Couch to 5K is designed to help absolute beginners get into running by giving you a schedule each week. It helps you with ways to get started, including what to wear, where to go, and how to fit running into your everyday life.

You’ll progress you from a mix of running and walking into running for longer blocks of time. Over nine weeks, you’ll gradually work up to running 5K, or for half an hour.

Last year’s Fun Run

If you haven’t run with Gateway before, have a look at our blog post from last year: Well done to our fabulous fun runners. Make sure to watch Mark’s video and see how much difference a year with a Health Trainer can make to your health and weight!

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  1. Mandy Shanahan

    Looking forward to joining you on the fun run 19th July.
    I did my ‘couch to 5k’ around 4 years ago and real feel the benefit.