Health and Wellbeing services

Health and Wellbeing is at the heart of our work at Gateway Family Services.

Our Pregnancy Outreach Worker Service (POWS) supports pregnant women and their families to reduce factors that can cause infant mortality, by addressing their social and emotional needs. Three of our POWs are currently seconded to Birmingham City Council to offer additional support for families in temporary accommodation across the city.

Gateway Health Trainers and Maternal Health Trainers offer one-to-one support and advice to people who want to make lifestyle changes (eg to increase activity, eat a healthier diet, stop smoking or cut down on alcohol), helping them to set their own behavioural goals and to increase confidence and resilience.

Our Lighten Up and Maternal Lighten Up call centre staff support people who are managing their weight through external weight loss and weight mangement programmes. They offer extra telephone support, which has been found to motivate people to make further progress.

All of our services work in partnership with the NHS and Local Authorities to support their strategic decisions, whilst empowering people in the community to break the social, cultural and economic barriers that can cause deprivation.

Our Health and Wellbeing department is managed by Jane Piggott-Smith.