Early Help Edgbaston

Supporting children and families in Edgbaston

Families in Birmingham, as in the rest of the country, are facing significant challenges at the moment because of the Covid-19 emergency. Even those who were previously doing well may be starting to struggle now, due to the impact the crisis is having on income and health.

In May, Birmingham Children’s Partnership has accelerated plans for a new model of connected services and communities to help families across the city: “Early Help”.

Across the city, there is already a tremendous response: schools are checking in, the voluntary sector is stepping up, and health providers, GPs, police, social care and other partners are working tirelessly. Now, Early Help is co-ordinating this response across Birmingham’s ten localities, including the provision of funding for community groups who need it.

Gateway is co-ordinating the response in Edgbaston.

If you are a group or organisation working with families, adapting your work to better meet the needs of families, or if you’d just like to know more about Early Help, Gateway would like to hear from you. We want to ensure your work is fully integrated with the wider city response.

If you are a family living in the Edgbaston constituency who needs support with emergency food or other hardship issues at the moment, get in touch and we will put you in touch with organisations that can help.

Call Gateway Family Services on 0121 456 7821 or email earlyhelpedgbaston@gatewayfs.org

Emergency help for families: information for Schools, Further Education and Nurseries

As Covid-19 restrictions increase in Birmingham, we want to remind all Schools, Further Education and Nurseries that there is more support available for families that are struggling.

  • The Emergency Resilience Fund is still open for families in hardship due to Covid-19, for example to buy food, medicines, essential supplies, data and utility bills. A simple referral is made by a teacher or support worker professional. In the Edgbaston constituency, call Gateway Family Services on 0121 456 7821 or email earlyhelpedgbaston@gatewayfs.org
  • From Birmingham with Love – if you are coming across families that need more than resilience funding, then please check out this short list of early help that you can share with parents. Includes a voucher for pre-paid parenting courses.
  • Locality leads – many schools are already working closely with the ten early help localities and the voluntary sector Locality Leads. In Edgbaston, your Locality Lead is Gateway Family Services. Please get in touch if there is more we can do to help your school or your families.

This is part of Birmingham-wide changes that will better support families, schools and communities. Changes include more locality working, team around a school and nursery, shared case management and connecting families to support in their neighbourhoods. Birmingham Children’s Partnership includes the NHS, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Children’s Trust, West Midlands Police and Birmingham Voluntary Sector Council.