Straight Talking Peer Educators

Peer Educator Cherelle with pupils at Grace Academy
Photo courtesy of Grace Academy

Gateway’s Straight Talking Peer Educators are young people who became parents as teenagers. They visit groups of children and young people – in schools, youth clubs and at other groups – to deliver the Straight Talking programme: raising awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE), healthy and unhealthy relationships and the realities and implications of early parenthood.

Peer Educators are trained to work with children and young people, and draw on their personal experiences to help pupils understand the emotional, social, and practical implications of becoming a parent. As well as telling their own stories, they get pupils involved with a range of activities.

Gateway delivers these programmes across the West Midlands in partnership with Straight Talking Peer Education.

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Book now for your school

Think your pupils might benefit from some Straight Talking? Gateway’s Peer Educators would love to help. For more information, or to book a course, email Peer Educator Co-ordinator Marc, or call 0121 456 7820 and ask for Marc or Che.

Feedback from schools

In January 2019, Gateway’s Peer Educators delivered the Straight Talking programme to 60 Year 10 pupils as part of a “Building Healthy Relationships” Day at Grace Academy in Coventry.

At the end of the day:
94% of students said they “feel better prepared to make healthy choices about sex and relationships”
89% of students said they “better understand the realities of teenage pregnancy”

Students were asked “what have you learnt today?”:

“The main thing I learnt was the outcomes of choices you make”

“It showed me the consequences”

“That sex is a choice and teenage pregnancy isn’t as easy as it seems”

“I learnt it’s not always easy to financially support you and your child when you have a baby at a young age”

“What life is like if you’re a parent in your teenage years”

“How tough being a single parent is”