Remote Consultations

Remote health and wellbeing consultations provide a fast and efficient resource to engage with the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Our specially trained health advisers offer one-to-one support via website, email and telephone, to help employees make lifestyle changes (eg to increase activity, eat a healthier diet, stop smoking or cut down on alcohol). These remote interventions help people to set their own behavioural goals and to increase confidence and resilience.

After completing an initial health questionnaire, each employee is given a personalised evaluation, together with expert advice via email or telephone. Participants are given three specialist interventions in a year, lasting up to an hour per session. This allows your employees to acknowledge their personal wellbeing and gives them the time to implement and changes needed throughout the years’ service. We can cater to any size of organisation, with packages to suit your needs.

The specialised remote consultation service focuses on diet, exercise and the mental wellbeing of employees, with practical and easy-to-implement advice and guidance. Each package is tailored to your business, providing recommendations for your employees to improve their diet and level of physical activity to lead happier and healthier lives.

For further information please call 0121 456 7820 and ask about remote health and wellbeing consultations.

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