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Pregnant Mothers helped with food poverty crisis in Birmingham

13th April 2012

We are really pleased with the press attention being given to the food poverty amongst pregnant women in Birmingham and how we are able to help with food parcels.  Unfortunately this probably happens in most cities up and down the country.  What we should acknowledge is Birmingham is doing a great thing – over the last 6 years it has investing in helping vulnerable pregnant women be safe, healthy and supported, so that their babies are born healthier.


In 2006 the NHS Public Health in Birmingham acknowledged that something had to be done about the severe inequalities being faced by some people in the city, there is real hardship and Birmingham was experiencing the worst infant mortality rate in Europe.


They knew something needed to be done and they put their trust in us to deliver life-changing services to those that need it most.


We have worked with over 5,000 pregnant women since then and the NHS continue to support the service – this service is not available anywhere else – it is Brummie born and bred and we should be proud.


Many many women we support find themselves in circumstances that we could never imagine, I am proud that our organisation can support them and that this makes Birmingham a better place to live in.


Gateway Family Services is a Community Interest Company based in Birmingham since 2006

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  1. Birmingham Hotels

    The efforts taken to support pregnant mothers in Birmingham to acquire adequate food during their pregnancy are indeed commendable. However, once these mothers give birth they still need to feed their babies with healthy diets and they also need to eat. Therefore, a more permanent solution to the food poverty crisis in Birmingham should be sought after so as to achieve food security in this city.

  2. Birmingham Doula

    I’m a Birmingham based doula supporting vulnerable pregnant women in Birmingham. It’s great to hear about this service as I’m supporting women who are experiencing food poverty.
    I’d like to know how I can access food parcels for the women that I support.

    • Vicki Fitzgerald

      Hello there, Our food bank is to help our clients primarily, it may be that the women you support are registered with the POW service in which case we can help. For POW clients you can e-mail If the women are not registered with us there are a number of other foodbanks in the city. You can find them on – please let us know if that helps, if not we will try and help in another way. Good Luck

  3. Birmingham Doula

    Thank you Vicky
    I will check out that link!