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Social support in pregnancy

Kalvinder talks about the support she got from Gateway.

Being pregnant is supposed to be a happy time, but it can be very difficult. We help mums deal with practical and emotional problems so they can concentrate on keeping healthy – and having healthy babies. After she found she was pregnant Kalvinder came to Birmingham from Southampton to be near her family, but there were problems.  We helped her sort out a complicated benefit situation, helped her find somewhere suitable to live  – and every problem solved meant there was something less for Kalvinder to worry about – and that’s what our job is all about.

POWs get more mums to breast feed

19 year old Jess talking about why she wants to breast feed.

Our latest statistics show that 70% of our mums started breast feeding, compared to 68% across Birmingham.

Most people agree that breast feeding is the best start for any baby. They got all the nutrients they need, it helps give them a strong immune system. It’s so important that UNICEF’s ‘Baby Friendly’ initiative is promoting it around the world. And we always encourage our new mums to breastfeed. Some of them say they don’t want to, but we find that’s because they don’t know how good it is for their babies and how good it is for them.

Some mums simply aren’t confident about trying it, they say they won’t do it right, and sometimes they do find it a bit difficult, and don’t have enough support to get it established.

We visit mums before they give birth to let them know what to expect, and then once the baby’s arrived we visit them at home to answer any questions and help them with any problems.   We always encourage mums to give it a go and then support them so they keep going.