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Coping with post-natal depression

Veronica talks about coping with post-natal depression.

Pregnancy Outreach Workers help with practical things but also offer emotional support too. Veronica suffered from severe post-natal depression. It can be hard work to deal with a new baby, but post-natal depression can make life seem impossible. Because Veronica felt unable to deal with anything at all, things piled up. Bills weren’t paid and important letters were ignored. She also had two other children that needed looking after.

I helped Veronica sort out her finances, fill in forms and make the phone calls she felt she couldn’t manage; I also helped her find a child-minder which made a big difference – and I tried to keep her outlook as positive as possible. Sometimes I even made her laugh!

All together I supported Veronica for seven months, and eventually she was able to manage much better by herself, and her baby girl did well too.