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Using E-Cigarettes to Stop Smoking

17th January 2023

Public Health England recently updated their advice about using E-cigarettes (Vaping). Vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking. If someone has never smoked or vaped, they should not start vaping. Vaping has been shown to be effective for smoking cessation.

Following a colleague’s recommendation to use the Solihull Stop Smoking Service, Carl* referred himself to access support and medication to help him quit smoking. He told Michelle and Vicky, his Stop Smoking Practitioners, why he wanted to quit smoking, “I am 31 years old now and want to feel healthier. I have a young son and want to be around for him and stay fit.”

Carl had previously brought his own disposable vape and opted for Nicotine Patches alongside this to aid his quit. The option of a refillable E-cigarette provided by the service then became available, and Carl decided to go for this option. Carl found it hard at the beginning, but once he got used to the E-cigarette and used coping strategies that he already had and introduced new ones, as discussed with his stop-smoking practitioners to help get through cravings, Carl found he could stay completely smoke-free. He told the team he ‘feels great and looks so much brighter’ and that he ‘has more energy’.

Carl continues to remain smoke-free for over four weeks. Having a carbon monoxide reading each week was a great motivator – he went from 24ppm in his first week to 1ppm, which is a perfect non-smokers score, just a few days after being completely smoke-free. In the continued weekly support sessions, the stop-smoking practitioners have discussed with him the option of accessing support from a well-being advisor for some healthy eating advice. Carl decided to see how things went and continue the discussion in the New Year.

Carl was so impressed with his stop-smoking support and medication and continues to advise others to ‘give it a go’ and access the service. Getting the support and the proper medication made a huge difference and has helped Carl remain smoke-free and stick to his goal of not a single drag.

The service is free and confidential to Solihull residents and those with a Solihull GP. You and your Stop Smoking Practitioner will create a tailored quit plan at your regular appointments. Your Stop Smoking Practitioner will provide advice, support, and encouragement over the 12-week programme, providing you with information and access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Where appropriate, we can explore the option of e-cigarettes as well. You will have expert guidance on how to get the best out of your chosen medication. We know that stopping smoking can be challenging, and we are here for you.

Live in Solihull, or have a Solihull GP? Call 0800 599 9880 or complete the online referral form and start your quit journey today!

*Carl’s name has been changed

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