What We Achieve

Gateway helps communities support themselves. We build on existing experience and knowledge to provide effective and appealing services.

We know that employing local people to offer local community health care makes significant savings, and offers realistic solutions to gaps in provision.

Through our work we achieve improved use of clinical services. We help people get the right help, sooner. It cuts down on GP appointments, inappropriate use of A&E, and more care at home rather than in hospitals.

We improve the lifestyle in hard to reach communities, and a reduction in smoking and obesity means improved health. We know that we succeed with people that many organisations find the hardest to work with – because they tell us.  Our diverse workforce connects better with the people it serves.

Our approach to recruiting and training local people means that we provide reliable, long-term staff.

The link between economic health and physical health and well being are inescapable. Our creative approach to providing services changes lives by improving health, life skills and economic prospects at the same time.