How We Do It

Gateway Family Services CIC  specialises in developing roles that bridge the gaps in public service delivery. We recruit locally and offer support and training to people who really know the communities they are working in – that’s why we succeed.

We understand how health and social care systems work. We work in partnership with Primary Care Trusts, Clinical Commissioners and Local Authorities , to support their strategic decisions. At the same time we empower people in the community to break the social, cultural and economic barriers that can cause deprivation.

We offer cost effective, innovative solutions to provide services to  vulnerable people.   Our Pregnancy Outreach Worker Service  for example, is effective because it is staffed by people from the local communities they work with. They have real impact because their clients trust them.

Pregnancy Outreach Worker

We employ around 80 people, recruited from all communities. Our team speaks 18 languages including Urdu, Somali and Punjabi.

We offer services to improve health, skills and employment opportunities – a connected approach that really changes individual lives and communities.

Our services are accessible, our Health Trainers offer a one-to-one consultation at a time and place to suit clients. We offer skills training with regular support from our Key Workers – in small groups, one-to-one, or for specific organisations.

We offer opportunity as well as support. Our Apprenticeship programme recruits from within the communities we serve.

Gateway also specialises in Workforce Redesign – many of our projects have an element of redesign involved. We look at specific needs and then develop appropriate roles with skills to fulfil them.