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Working with Carers to put their health first

Happy Carers

Do you care for a family member or friend?

We understand that you invest a significant amount of time and energy in fulfilling your caring role, and now, we’re offering you the opportunity to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

Gateway Family Services specialises in helping people enhance their health and wellbeing, making sustainable changes for long term health improvement. We have partnered with Birmingham Forward Carers to provide mini Lifestyle Checks to unpaid carers in Birmingham.

We recognise that prevention and early intervention are the most effective ways to address health problems. By identifying any concerns early, we can provide the necessary support for individuals to make lasting lifestyle changes.


Lifestyle Check Service for Carer

Our Carers Lifestyle Check will offer you dedicated one-to-one time to review your key health metrics, including BMI, Blood Pressure and Atrial Fibrillation (a heart condition that causes irregular heartbeat). The Carers Lifestyle Advisor will then offer advice, information, signposting, and referral to local organisations able to support with improving these health concerns.


Carers@Heart Referral Form


Carers@Heart is delivered by Gateway Family Services. We offer lifestyle checks to carers living in Birmingham and can support a wide range of lifestyle changes such as losing weight, doing more activity, and eating more healthily. To be eligible, you should be caring for a friend or family member and live in Birmingham


Carers Health

Additional Support

Working in partnership with Forward Carers, Carers Hub and Social Prescribing Service we will work with carers to make sure that are able to access to most appropriate information, advice and referrals to meet their health needs and provide support for them in their caring role.

How to access the service

Complete the online referral form, call to speak to one of our friendly team or you can pop in to one of our drop ins at Touchbase Pears Forward Carers Shop Space on these dates;

Dates for drop in:

What you can expect

A warm welcome from our Lifestyle Check Advisor, who will complete an initial questionnaire with you. They will then complete your Lifestyle check which includes measuring some key lifestyle metrics. The Lifestyle Advisor will then be able to support you with targeted healthy eating and lifestyle information and advice alongside referrals or signposting you to specialist services such as carers support, mental health support or community activities.