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Connect people to community groups and statutory services

Early help is not a single service but a way in which professionals, communities and families can work together across Birmingham to improve a family’s resilience and reduce the likelihood of a problem worsening.

We understand that austerity and the coronavirus have hit families hard across the city. Working together and with people in each area of Birmingham who know their locality, we want to quickly and effectively connect families to the best local support improving the lives of children and families in Edgbaston.

Early Help could…

include debt support, guidance on school places, emergency food provision, how to support an emerging learning difficulty or advice on breastfeeding. It could be a youth intervention that helps a young person get involved in a positive activity or emotional support that prevents a mental health problem from developing.

Early Help also…

builds on a family’s strengths and interests and offers positive, practical support to help manage complex issues and challenges.

Gateway Family Services is the voluntary sector lead for Early Help in Edgbaston. Our Gateway Family Services & Early Help teams work across Edgbaston, Harborne, Bartley Green and Quinton; we can support children, young people and families through:



Sharing information and connecting people to local services, community groups and activities (making it easier for people to get the support they need near where they live )


Providing support and guidance through face-to-face support, telephone, email and social media


Strengthening community capacity to support Early Help through training and Early Help Assessments


Connecting families to extra support specific to their needs, for example, SEND support.

If you need help

We work closely with Birmingham Children’s Trust, Birmingham Forward Steps, schools, nurseries, the youth service, health, faith communities and active local organisations. If you are a family in need of support or a professional looking for additional support for a family, then please complete a Family Connect Form or contact the team.


family connect form

How can we help ?

we can support your family in lots of different ways

Challenges at school

Parenting support

Health and emotional wellbeing

Housing + Debt advice

Domestic abuse

Getting back into work or training

Connections to the local community, meeting new people

Special Needs and Disabilities

Our Awesome Team
Alice Miller

Alice Miller

Service Lead

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Elena Hall

Community Connector

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Vinu Gupta

Family Support Worker

Mira Rashid

Mira Rashid


Case Story:

Coming Together and Going Home

Often, clients’ stories aren’t easy to tell, but they tell them because they know their story will help them and others like them.