Workforce Redesign

Gateway specialises in workforce redesign to bridge gaps in public service delivery. Through our approach to reducing inequalities in the community, we assess the HR needs of the public sector and develop roles that  fit in with their strategies. Not only do we create the roles, but we also train members of the community to fill them.

Most services provided by Gateway have an element of workforce redesign in them, such as in the case of the Pregnancy Outreach Worker Service, which tackles infant mortality by developing a skilled workforce looking after the needs of pregnant women most at risk.

We recruit locally, some of our staff started as service users themselves and have real life experience of the situations the people we help have to face.

Staff receive training to back up their local knowledge with professional accreditation, such as City & Guilds, the Royal Institute of Public Health or NOCN.

It is our workforce redesign solutions that make us unique in the market.



If you would like more information on how we can support your business, please contact Vicki Fitzgerald