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Yasmin’s Work Experience

24th October 2012

Yasmin has been doing some work experience with us at Gateway Family Services.  Here is what she had to say in her own words.

‘My name is Yasmin Rai.  I am 17 years old and I am an A-level student.  At my school it is encouraged to complete a work experience placement in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the working world.  Therefore I decided to look for a work placement in an office based environment.  During my research I came across a company, Gateway, and I was both interested and intrigued with the services they provide.  After contacting Gateway they kindly offered me a two week work placement in their office.

During my two weeks at Gateway I took on the role as receptionist.  I felt this provided me with many responsibilities within the company.  I was able to answer phones, sort post, pass on messages and welcome guests.  I was also lucky enough to gain an insight into all the services at Gateway.  I was invited to one of the Health Trainer’s team meetings, which gave me an understanding of the work of the Health Trainers.  I also spent some time with Lighten Up, where I was given an in depth explanation about how their service works to help people lose weight.

I completed various administration jobs for the Pregnancy Outreach Workers.  Some tasks required me to read through files to gather information on clients; this showed me the amazing work the POWs carry out for many vulnerable pregnant women.  I also worked with the EAST department completing evaluations with previous clients and then adding feedback to the database.  Additionally I was lucky enough to attend a training course about Equality and Diversity, which I found thoroughly interesting.

The work experience has developed my communication skills, especially over the phone, organisational skills and has given me a very in depth experience of administration work.  All the tasks I have carried out have been enjoyable and a great learning opportunity.  The experience has also made me acknowledge the great work that Gateway Family Services does.’

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